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Lava Brightsound Product Photography
Lava contacted me to provide product images for their new product the Lava Brightsound, a Blue Tooth speaker and nightlight with hands-free functionality.
The images were to be used as pack and marketing material so required a very clean and sharp look. Two colour options of the product were shot on a white background and displayed in a range of different angles.
For this shoot I used a three light set up: the fill light was created using an 82 cm octobox and two strip boxes with honeycomb grids then served as a rim light. For some of the images a fourth light was added to highlight detail using a snoot.
As the images were shot in RAW I had a huge amount of flexibility when it came to editing. The images were imported into Adobe Lightroom where they were colour corrected and then using Bridge images were transferred into Photoshop where the imperfections could be removed. After a number of variations had been sent to the client, the final images were selected and final pass editing completed. The images were signed off by the client and are currently being used to advertise the product through a range of retail outlets including Amazon.

The LAVA Brightsound :: Amazon