AlexAndrews Design

Problem solver, designer, developer, photographer and deep thinker! That’s me!

I have recently graduated from the University of Winchester where I studied Digital Media Design and achieved first class honours. I am a passionate, award winning young designer who is hard working, motivated and always willing to learn new skills. I have an interest in all areas of design with particular passion for Visual and UX design. I have an excellent working knowledge of production techniques and tools including the Adobe Creative Suite. Throughout my time at university I have worked on a number of projects: Some were completed as part of the criteria set within my degree and others were extra curricula, freelance and agency projects. The projects included UX, web, print, app, branding and marketing design, which enabled me to further my experience and understanding of the tools and techniques used within a professional environment. I also monitor design trends and regularly use social media sites such as Pinterest, Dribbble and Behance to allow me to stay current and inspire my own designs.