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Matt Collinge is an up and coming musician from Truro in Cornwall and is soon to release his first EP Smoke & Mirrors. My brief was to create an album cover and video for the new EP and a photography shoot for his social media sites. The album artwork will be printed in large numbers using a digital CYMK process and will be a sleeve cover 12cm x 12cm. The CD Design will also have to be created.


  • Album artwork front and back cover
  • CD design
  • Photo-shoot
  • Music video

EP Cover File Requirements

  • Printable design
  • 12cm x 12cm
  • Printing guides
  • CYMK

Printer note:

Files sent as PDF format CYMK with printer marks size of 240x120cm. Artwork will be die cut to include the flaps and push hole. Do not add a slug with personal information as flaps will have some printer marks on them (not seen when glued). For the push out hole allow for a 20mm diameter half circle on the back page left side half way down the page. Allow for a 2mm margin around hole to ensure image is not croped. If there is a background colour or image, fill the push hole with this image. Spot UV can be added with a positive mask, black being the spot UV.

Start Date

3rd October 2014

Required Completion Date

9th October 2014

Expected time required

  • photo-shoot 4h
  • Cover design 3h
  • Video shoot (duration of gig)
  • Video edit time 4h



I emailed the client to ascertian whether there were any CD covers they liked or if they had any ideas about the design. This meant that I had a good idea of what they were looking for before the first face to face meeting.



At my photography studio the client chose a cream background and we decided that a soft light would be best for the style of the album. The album image was shot full body using a 2 light setup.

Other images were also taken for the social media Pages

Once the album image was created we were then able to add the elements defined in the sketches. This was done with the client as it allowed us to discuss finer points.


This is the final design that was signed off by the client for the front cover. The file was ready to have the back cover added and prepared for print.

Here is the finished product in PDF Format with printer guides added. The client and I decided that a Spot UV would look good covering him and the text. The printer allows for this and asks for a black and white mask image to be saved as another PDF. This file needs to be the same layout but the colour bar and printer marks do not need to be added.


Here is the Spot UV mask. Black shows where the Spot UV will be added.


I then worked on creating the cd design which we decided should look like an old record as this would suit a sleeve style cover. I used Photoshop to create the design and saved as a JPG image as per printers requirments.


This is the final design ready to be printed. I also created a mock-up to show the client how they would look.

6 (1)

The last element I created was a video. The client wanted the video to be shot at a live gig and creatively would be up to me how I captured the feel of the event. During the gig I was able to walk around freely and capture any footage I believed would look good. This style of working on the fly is something I am used to from working on extreme sports videos. Once the footage was captured I was able to import it into Adobe After Effects to edit.


Me and the client discussed colour correction and decided on a high contrast back and white with a cold blue tint.

Once the first edit was done I then sent the video as a locked link to the client who requested a few changes. The changes were made and the video was signed off and rendered for web output.

The Video Can be found at

Actual Submission date

8th October



Overall I believe this project went well and met all the criteria set out in the brief. The client was also very happy however there are some parts of this project that gave me some difficulty. By far the hardest part of this project was the video as I had not adequately explained my needs to the other parties involved: As the sound for the video was actually the album master, all the footage had to be matched to this audio. However I did not discuss with the band a way of timing the live song the same as the studio copy. At the gig the song was played faster making it extremely difficult to match footage with the audio. Because of this the video took 2hours longer than expected and more than half the editing time was trying to match footage.